1. Fistula Evaluation by Ultrasound Examination

Pre and postoperative assessment of arteriovenous fistula

Malovrh, Marko. Slovenia

Ultrasound approach to (late) complications in the arteriovenous fistula

Van Hooland, Simon. Belgium

2. Endovascular Vascular Access Procedures

Surgical approach to native arteriovenous fistula

Shenoy, Surendra. USA

Surgical approach to prosthetic arteriovenous fistula

Mickley, Volker. Germany

3. Vascular Access Surgery

Indication of endovascular treatment and options in vascularaccess stenosis

Pirozzi, Nicola. Italy

4. Hemodialysis Catheter

Approach to catheter placement

Gallieni, Maurizio. Italy

Approach to tunneled catheter tip placement and follow up complications

Vesely, Tom. USA